Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Caroline Buchanan Takes 2nd Australian National 4X Title

Caroline Buchanan took her second Australian National 4X title in 2 years--and she's just 17! She held off the champion of the downhill race, Great Britain's Tracy Moseley for the win. Moseley bested Australia's Tracey Hannah for the downhill win by just .06 seconds. Hannah takes the Australian National Downhill title Ironically, Buchanan's time puts her in 3rd place before Julia Boer in the Elite Women's Downhill, but since she's 17, Buchanan raced the Under 19 category and took the National title there too.

Australian National MTB Championships
Mount Stromlo, Australia, January 25-28, 2008
Elite Women
1 Tracy Moseley (GBr) Kona Factory Team 3.01.12
2 Tracey Hannah (Aus) Raw NRG, Shimano -> your name here just ask! 0.00.06
3 Julia Boer (Aus) Onya Bike Tuggeragong, Intense, Fox 0.20.71
4 Claire Whiteman (Aus) KonaMtBullerFacoryDHTeamACTASMal Adjusted Bicycles 0.25.24
5 Leigh Douglas (Aus) 4Shaw Agencies, Treadlies Bike Shop, Bling Industries 0.27.51
6 Sarsha Huntington (Aus) For The Riders.com, Norco 0.32.47
7 Cara Smith (Aus) ONYA BIKE Belconnen, Paton Performance 0.34.95
8 Joanne Fox (Aus) pylet.com, ufo mtb imports, Cell bikes 0.37.72
9 Jayne Rutter (Aus) Biomechanics Cycles And Repairsgold Credit Card 0.39.17
10 Shannon Chugg (Aus) 0.50.77
11 Rosemary Barnes (Aus) Giant Bicycles 0.52.44
12 Edwina Hughes (Aus) 1.00.30
13 Vanessa Thompson (Aus) Pioneer Floorsanding 1.07.54

Under 19 Women
1 Caroline Buchanan (Aus) KHS Bicycles,Unit Clothing 3.18.75

Veteran Women
1 Samantha Thompson (Aus) 3.45.70
Under 17 Women
1 Alice Minahan (Aus) PYLET.COM.Gateshead Cycles.Mum & Dad 3.43.68
2 Emily Hockey (Aus) Dad, Mitcham cycles, Maxxis tyres 0.01.32
3 Jasmin Rosa (Aus) metro car detailers 0.12.07
4 Holly Baarspul (Aus) Kalamunda Cycles 0.14.41
5 Bec Kirss (Aus) MAXXIS Tyres, Mum and Dad 0.21.08
Under 15 Women
1 Harriet Burbidge-Smith (Aus) trek/Bike Culture/Crupi 4.14.01

Elite Women
1 Caroline Buchanan
2 Tracey Moseley
3 Grace Ireland
4 Sarsha Huntington
5 Julia Boer

Junior Women
1 Courtney Taylor
2 Harriet Burbidge-Smith
3 Alice Minahan
4 Danielle Beecroft
5 Emily Hockey
6 Jasmin Rosa
7 Bec Kirss
8 Emma Tatum

We found our results on CyclingNews.com.

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